About Us

Learn about us and how we started.

How it began

Whilst at university we often heard the phrase “who keeps the TV?” We found that not only do students change accommodation annually, they often change housemates! This results in products that were bought as a house, being thrown away, sold or argued over, wasting time, money and materials.

We discovered this was even more of an issue for International students. It was impractical to bring a TV or console on a plane, especially if they’re only staying in the UK for a limited time.

It was then MFH was born, and we are now very happy to be renting to everyone from students to pensioners.

More money for you, less waste for the planet.

According to a UN report, almost 45 million tons of electronics were tossed out in 2016 and 80% of that made its way straight to landfill!.

If the old product can be saved, we work with partners who will refurbish these items and provide them to low income families throughout the UK.

When delivering, we are happy to take away and recycle unwanted items; even if you haven't bought them from us!

Be part of the rental revolution.